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Welcome to CATaLog: Enjoy our best services!
Basic Features of CATaLog
  • This is a new web-based post-editing tool, enhanced with a number of new features.
  • It can be used as a common CAT tool but also for post-editing TM segments or MT output.
  • The tool provides a complete set of log information currently not available in most CAT tools.
  • This tool is also convenient for translation process research.
Quick Translation: (input source segment and press enter/return key)
What to do?
  • Choose one of the suggestion.
  • Click on that.
  • Make your correction.
  • Save.
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Recent feedback from translators
Hi Santanu,
I am using a laptop with 8 GB RAM and Windows 8.
Regarding the tool, I can compare it to Trados Studio. So far, I would rather prefer Trados Studio just because I think that I am not slower with it than with CATaLog. If there are matches in Trados, then there is usually less to change than with CATaLog. On the other hand, it proposes much less translations than Trados. But as I wrote in the evaluation, I can imagine that your tool will be much more efficient with a larger database of sentences. Anyway, in Trados you have not this unique colour system which I really liked. It goes much faster to know which parts of the proposal match and which don't. I would also like to note that I found T3 options often really helpful.
Compared to another online software I use sometimes, I prefer your tool, because your tool is very clearly arranged and working faster and, apart from this morning, the login always happened very fast and without problems. Also, CATaLog directly shows the original sentence of the proposed match without the need to open another window, which is facilitating the comparison between the new sentence and the original of the proposal very much.

Kind regards